Many new materials have been developed, but steel remains the principal construction material for automobiles, appliances, and industrial machinery.

Every piece that is processed receives the same consistent treatment.

  1. Surface dirt and grease removal (rust and heavy grease require additional care)
  2. Water removal and a trip through our dry-off oven.
  3. Priming (if necessary) and Top Coat is applied.
  4. Final Cure
  5. Inspection and Packaging.

Industry Processes

Because of steel’s vulnerability to attack by aggressive chemical environments or even from simple atmospheric oxidation, coatings are necessary to provide various degrees of protection. We are able to process all types of steel from hot-rolled to cold rolled, to aluminum and stainless.  Let us find a solution to your current problems.

Processing and refining operations turn steel and metal into marketable products. We use powder coating research to create custom applications, apply thicker, more uniform finishes while minimizing hazardous waste.  Our experience of powder coat research means your prototype has everything it needs  to exceed expectations.

Each component requires specific perimeters to be set in order to give the best possible finish. At Briken Coatings, our attention to detail and technical know-how allow us to run faster and more efficient. Selecting the best coating for an application requires evaluating all effects of the specific environment, the component in question and the overall desire and specifications of the end user.

We work closely with our suppliers to remain at the forefront of technology and technical advancements.